Roomba vs shark for pet hair

If you are looking for the best robot vacuum for pet hair, then you should consider different models of Roomba vs shark for pet hair.

Roomba and shark both are popular brands for pet hair tools. Moreover when it chooses the best pet hair vacuums many customers usually get to choose between both the brands. However, to choose the best one between both brands can be daunting. Both companies offer exceptionally best features for their devices. There are different models of shark vs Roomba. For instance, there is Shark IQ R101, on the other hand, Rooba i7. Furthermore, both companies also have the best robot vacuums for pet hair.

The most famous robot vacuums in the pet industry are also owned by both companies. Here we will consider general features differences in Roomba Vs Shark robots  for pet hair of robotic models.

Roomba Robots vs Shark Robot

The Roomba robots you will find from cheap to high end prices. Roomba is an experienced and well known for their robotic models especially the models featured with self emptying functions. Moreover, they have robots with mops called Braava and many more. In their famous robotic models there are Roomba s9 and Roomba i7.

Shark is also an experienced brand in vacuums and serving the market for a long time. They have a vast collection of vacuum cleaners with different categories. Like there are, handheld, stick and upright models. For robotic vacuum cleaners shark has two main lines. These two famous shark lines are Shark Ion and Shark IQ. Now here we will consider some similarities and differences with a comparison.


Roombos models are less compact and portable in comparison to sharks. Shark robots usually come in a 12.8 inch width and a height of 3.5 inch. On the other hand, almost all models of robots  are more in width and height. The only exception you will find in Roomba s9 model. 

Furthermore, shark models are also lighter in weight than most of the roomba models. The shark robotic vacuum comes in a height that they can easily clean under your furniture and small areas. This feature is also available in the many Roomba models. However you will find they are little in more height and size the shark.

Further on, if we discuss the shape in the beginning all robotic models come in circular shapes. But later on, the size is modified and now you will find many shark and roombos models in D-shape. The D-shape model has benefits of entire cleaning from edges and small areas. In design, the Roombos s9 model is in D-shape and it is also in the height of 3.5 inch like shark models.

Shark VsRoomba
Circular and D-shape        Design Circular and D-shape
Compact        Size Not so compact
Lightweight        weightNot as lightweight as shark


The other thing that determines the functionality of any device or machine is power. Here for the functionality of the robotic vacuum, suction power is important. The suction power of Roomba usually depends on your budget. The expensive models offer higher suction power. On the other hand, cheap models offer less suction power. 

For instance, the “e” line and 600 series of Roomba offer 7CFM. The i7 and 900 series have 17 CFM suction power. Moreover, many premium models like the “S” series offer more than 20 CFM suction power. 

This thing is not true with the shark. Almost all robotic models of sharks offer 20 CFM suction power. This power is considered as standard for the maximum functionality of a vacuum. In Addition to this, the Shark IQ R101 model is more powerful than all other models and provides more than 20 CFM suction power. Here in power, we will say the Shark models offer more consistent and greater suction power in all their models.

Consistent and powerful      Suction powerVary with each model
Higher in all models        FunctionalityDepends on each model price

Brush roll:

The functionality of brush rolls usually depends on the suction power of the vacuums. Here if we talk about the features of both companies’ brush, then both offer effective cleaning. The main difference you will find here is the Shark has single length brushes. On the other hand, Roomba has two counter-rotating rollers. In Roomba, the brushes are made with rubber and also have interlocking teeth. The interlocking teeth will prevent the cleaning process from the entanglement of hairs. Furthermore, in a robotic vacuum, there is no use of bristles, so there is no hair tangles issue. 

On the other hand, the shark brush rolls featured with Zero-M-technology in their latest models. In their older models, sharks have single brushes with full length, and they cover a wider area of cleaning. In their latest models, there is the use of a combo like structure. This structure is along with the brush for the removal of dirt and hair strings. 

If we talk about the side of brushes, then Roomba only offers 1 side brushes, while Shark offers 2 side brushes. The main function of the brush is to remove all the dirt from the hidden corners and areas. But here, we will say, at one time, the robotic vacuum used to brush. Maybe, for this reason, Roomba has only one brush side. 

One single length brush        Design Two counter-rotating rollers
bristles        Materiel Rubber
Zero-M-technology        TechnologyInterlocking teeth
Two-side brush          BrushesOne-side brush


As we already mentioned, Shark comes with a lot of suction power. It means they will drain the battery faster than the Roomba, who usually come with less power. The run time of Roomba is between 1 and half hours. On the other hand, the run time of the Shark is 60 minutes. 

The Roomba premium models i7 and s9 come with a lot of power. So they also drain the battery faster. So the run time of these premium models is between 70-80 minutes. Here, I must say, with my experience with Roomba robotic vacuums, that their run time decreases in heavy-duty tasks. The reason for this, the trigger power boost when there will be more dirt to clean. So in the boost power, the Roomba models’ run time drop considerably. 

Furthermore, when the battery of the robotic vacuum drops, they go back towards the charging station. How many premium models robots also start their function where they left off. The Shark iQ 100 and IQ 101, and Roomba I7 and 960 models automatically get back to work after charging in this category.

Filtration process:

Like the suction power, the filtration process of Roomba also depends on the price. On the other hand, all the shark models have HEPA filters. The HEPA filters capture all kinds of allergen, fumes, and dirt up to 99.97%. The HEPA filters are usually in all the models of the Shark.

On the other hand, in low pricey vacuums, the Roomba uses AeroVac Filtration that filters all the allergens up to 99%. The premium quality models of Roomba use HEPA filtration like s9 and i7 and 960. Here we can conclude the debate, the premium models of the Roomba usually have the same features that are in all shark models. On the other hand, all the shark models are safer to use.

Shark VsRoomba
Circular and D-shape        Filtration processCircular and D-shape
HEPA        Filtration typeHEPA in premium models, Aerovac in other models


There is a dust bin with both a Roomba and shark. In overall comparisons, the Roomba has a large size of dust bin in contrast to sharks. The small size of shark models’ dustbin is because of the self-emptying function with them. Here in maintenance, you will need a dust bag for Roomba self-emptying features. On the other hand, the shark has a canister function, and there is no need for any first bag. 

Navigation and Mapping:

Both shark and Roomba come with a lot of navigation and mapping features. Both brands’ models use many sensors to find their way and avoid all the obstructions. The mapping and navigation features in both brands vary with the model you will purchase. 

For instance, in cheap models that offer random cleaning features, the middle-level models offer specified cleaning. At the same time, the premium models offer mapping cleaning features. However, if we go into more detail, then you will find the premium models of Roomba are more advanced in mapping and navigation features.


The shark models are a little noisier than Roomba. The reason is again; they are more powerful. They usually emit noise more than 70 DB. So if you live in a small apartment, you may get fed up with the noise they made.

On the other hand, the roomba models are quieter than Shar. They are perfect choices for those who lived in a timid or small place. The noise level of Roomba models is less than 70 DB.


There are different models of vacuum from both brands. The price range also varies from low to high-end prices. However, the Roomba low price models are not so much safer and powerful than the shark. 

Shark offer more consistent power and safer features in all their models. So if you like the Roomba most, we will recommend you choose a premium model. The reason is only premium models come with a lot of features and a safe filtration process. The under-budgeted model of Roomba does not give adequate protection.

Shark VsRoomba
Not required      Maintenancerequired
Yes        NoiseLess noise than shark
Expensive         PriceLess expensive

Is Shark better than Roomba for pet hair?

Some features make Shark a better option over Roomba. Here we will look at some of these features. 


Almost all models of Shark used the HEPA Filtration process. This filtration process is responsible for absorbing all kinds of allergens and dust particles. Roomba also has this feature but only in premium models. 

The lower price models use an Aerovac filter instead of HEPA filters, which are not as good as HEPA filters. So for a safer option, either you should choose a shark or a premium model of Roomba. 


The other feature that makes Shark a better choice is a consistent power for all its models. All the entry and mid-level models have a consistent power of 20CFM. The power in Roomba varies from model to model.


The shark models also required less maintenance than Roomba. For instance, the Roomba auto emptying feature required a separate dust bag. On the other hand, there is no such thing in any of the Shark models.


The other thing that is preferable in shark models is how compact they are. These vacuums come in dimensions that they can go under your furniture and small places for cleaning. We are not saying the Roomba models can’t go under the furniture and small areas.

However, the Shark has a more compact design. The premium quality of Roomba models like s9 comes in the size of Shark. Still, the low price models are less compact than Shark. Another thing that is perfect in Shark is they are more lightweight than Roomba.

Is Roomba better than Shark?

In comparing Roomba vs Shark for pet hair, we noticed that some features are preferable in Roomba compared to Shark. Here in this section, we will look at features that make Roomba good over Shark.


Roomba offers a lot of models in robotic vacuums with different price ranges. There are cheaper models as well as with high-end prices. This is a great option for those who want to buy a robotic vacuum on a budget. However, you will get what you pay. The low prices models will compromise some of the features, but still, they are a good choice.

Less noisy:

Another feature that makes Roomba a good choice is they are less noisier. They are perfect choices for small places as they will not annoy you and your family with their noise. 

Run time:

The run time of the Roomba models is also higher than the run time of Shark. This is also a feature that makes them a good choice.


Q. Which Roomba is best for pet hair?

  1. Roomba i series and e series more efficiently pick the pet hairs. The use of an advanced filtration system in these series can capture 99% of dog and cat allergens. Moreover, the advanced protection system also filters pollen, dust, mold, and all types of allergens.

Q. Is the shark iQ robot better than Roomba?

  1. For cleaning hardwoods, you can prefer a low price model from the Shark. However, for cleaning different types of floors, the Roomba premium models are a good choice. You can pick any S9 or i7 models from the Roomba for carpet cleaning and floor cleaning.

Q. Are pet vacuum worth it?

  1. Yes, there are a lot of benefits to pet vacuums. Having pets at home is fun. However, you need to take care of many things to maintain a proper hygienic environment in your home. The pet vacuum comes here and performs its reliable function for pet messes and hairs. 

There are a lot of vacuum types these days. Moreover, there are a lot of brands that offer highly featured vacuums. Here we consider the advantage of Roomba vs shark hair for pet hair. From the overall comparison, it is very clear that both companies’ models are worth it to buy. 

Q. How long does the Shark ion robot battery last?

  1. Overall, Shark offers a good run time for cleaning. However, the models with higher power will lose their battery fast compared to models that have less power. If we specifically talk about the Shark ion robot vacuum here, it also offers a good run time with efficient cleaning. 

The average run time of shark ion robots is 1 or ½ hours. After the run time with low battery power indications, it will automatically get back to its charging station. So there is no need to take care of its battery draining and charging.

Q. Does long hair get caught in Roomba?

  1. Yes, Roomba has the power to catch all the hair. There is a dual rotating brush with the Roomba models that can easily cut the hair. This design will wrap all the long and small hairs. Furthermore, they also come with a nifty that will help users CUT out of the brush’s hair.

Furthermore, there is rubber material with interlocking features in Roomba instead of bristles for pet hairs. These interlocking features will catch all the hair, and there will be no worry about the entanglement of hairs in the bristles of the brush.


Having a pet at home is a great enjoyment. But there is a need for a proper tool for your family’s hygiene and your pet. There are a lot of pet tools that many trustworthy brands in the market offer. In all the brands, the Shark vs Roomba is also well-known and had a great reputation in the pet tool industry.

Today in our review of Roomba vs Shark for pet hair, we reviewed basic features similar and different in both the companies’ models. We especially focused on the Robotic models from both brands. As there is a lot of popularity of Robotic models these. I hope our complete guide will help you pick the one from the brand that fits your needs most. Now the choice is all yours. Pick your favorite one and make your life easier.

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