Shark ion Robot R87 reviews

From a lot of Shark ion Robot R7 reviews, it is very clear that for pet hairs and for home cleaning R87 is the best way to go.

The shark ion robot R87 has all your needs if you have a pet at your home. If you have a pet at home, you will already know how difficult it is to tackle pet hairs, the dust, and all the mess that comes with your dog inside your house. Furthermore, the allergens from your pet hairs are unhealthy to breathe in. You can not take care of all these things all the time. Moreover, you can not avoid cleaning for weekends, so what is the best solution for you?

According to my experience with different kinds of vacuums, the best choice is a robotic vacuum. Now, in a robotic vacuum, the Shark ion robot R87 reviews show that it is a perfect choice. The shark ion robot will do all its work by itself when you are busy with your other work. You will add the settings, and it will automatically clean all the dust, debris, and allergens at your place.

Why do we like Shark ion Robot r87?

The best thing about the Shark ion robot R87 is how conveniently it performs all its functions. You don’t need to take care of its functioning. It will automatically start its work and will clean it. It means you can take care of all your work, and meanwhile, you will take care of your home cleaning.

With its powerful suction technology, the shark will catch and trap 99% of allergens that are released from your pet fur. It featured the technology that manufacturers claim will trap everything of 0.1-micron size. Moreover, the Shark ion robot has a brush roll that works on multiple surfaces. It will clean everything from small to big. 

Moreover, there is no worry about any floor cleaning. It can work on your tile floor, your wood floor, and your carpeted floor equally. The brushes are so powerful that there is no chance of any leftover when the Shark ion Robot r87 is on at his work. 

Now here we will look at some other features of this powerful vacuum.

Features of Shark ion robot r87


In the design, the shark ion robot R787 has a large charging dock different from any other R model of shark. The charging dock of R87 is the combination of the w1 handheld and R85. You can say it is a combination of two ion products. However, the charging dock is just a design, and the primary function is to charge and store the handheld unit.

Furthermore, the Shark ion robot R87 does not have a self-emptying feature. Moreover, there is also no remote with the shark ion R87. You can control all the functions through wifi or voice commands. The shark ion robot r87 is a powerful robotic vacuum that has a full home capacity. It is an innovative model of all the old generation of shark robot vacuums and offers incredible cleaning all around the house. The shark ion robot has a dual brush system. 


The power of the shark ion is just impressive. It has three stages of power. The maximum capacity is 20 cfm, the minimum is 9cfm, and the middle is 15cfm. Moreover, the shark R87 has a large airflow and great suction technology. All these features are alike in premium models of Roomba. So overall, in a budget, the shark R87 offers maximum power.

Brush roll:

There is a combined side brush and a channel brush. Moreover, it has a brush roll that covers a wide area of cleaning. Furthermore, the design will clean all around the edges and corners of your home. It will ensure to remove all kinds of dirt and debris from all narrow and wide spaces.

The brush roll can clean all the floors entirely. It will work on your carpeted floor, on your hardwood or tile floors equally. The combined brush roll will have a powerful suction technology with powerful filters that is a perfect choice for pet owners. The filter will make sure to absorb all kinds of allergens from the fur of your pet. On the other hand, the brush roll will collect all the pet hairs from your floor, edges, and under the furniture areas. 

The multi-surface brush offers deep cleaning on the carpet floor of your home. On the other hand, a dual spinning side brush will pick up all the dirt and debris from the tile and hardwood floors. Moreover, two spinning brushes will also extract all the dirt from the corners and edges of your home. 

Large Dustbin:

The shark ion robot also has a large dustbin to pick all the stuff and debris from the floor. All you need to do is empty the dustbin when it gets filled. However, the dustbin size is extra-large, and it will offer maximum space, and you don’t need to clean it after a while.


The robotic vacuum featured a lot of sensors. All these sensors ensure collision-free cleaning. The sensors will detect the interference and will avoid the collision. Moreover, there will be no issue of stocking as the vacuum has intelligent sensors. The high-tech cliff sensors are at the bottom of the robot, and they will detect all incoming stairs and ledges, and there will be no chance of falling.

Great control over the Robot:

You can control all the functionality and the work from the shark clean app on your mobile. The shark clean app will offer you a feature to start the working time of cleaning your robot. For control, you can use voice control via Amazon Alexa or also with a google assistant.


It is much quieter in comparison with other models. The overall noise of shark ion robot R87 is less than 61 decibels.


The capacity of the dust cup0.7 quarts
Width 12.5 inch
Height 3.4 inch
Recharge and resumeNo
Self-emptying featuresNo
Smart mappingNo
Run time88 minutes


Q. Is there any maintenance cost of the Shark Ion robot R87?

The shark models don’t have too much maintenance cost in comparison to other brands. The only cost you will get will be the cost for the replacement of the filter. The replacement of the filter will depend on the area of cleaning. If your cleaning area has a lot of dust and debris, you may need to replace it earlier. In general, you may need a replacement of the filter after every three months or two months.

Q. Is the shark ion robot r87 use a smart navigation system?

No, the shark ion robot does not use a smart navigation system. The intelligent navigation system is an expensive feature you will get in premium models of the shark. However, the R87 has a lot of sensors, and it is a wifi connected robotic vacuum.

Q. Is the shark ion robot any good?

The shark ion robot R87 is a powerful and well-designed robotic vacuum. It is a perfect vacuum to clean all kinds of floors. Moreover, it offers convenience to use, and you can use it with Alexa or through the shark clean app. According to my experience with the Shark ion robot R87, it is just a perfect robotic vacuum on a reasonable budget. 


The Shark ion robot R87 reviews indicate that, in a reasonable budget, R87 is a perfect choice. It featured powerful technology that is in premium quality models. The suction technology will clean all pet hairs and will absorb all the allergens from your place’s, one of the best robot vacuum for vinyl plank floor. Moreover, the R87 is super easy to use. You can just set its scheduled cleaning time, and it will do all its jobs by itself while you can perform your essential task. Furthermore, the R87 also has very positive reviews. So we will recommend you to try it, and you will get amazed at how intelligently it works. 

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