Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R75

Wishing to get a helping hand in your home cleaning chores? Good news! Here’s an honest review of Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R75. Let’s dive into its all exceptional features.

Striving to clean out all debris from your carpets and floors? But, every time you have to face a new corner welcoming  you with full of dirt. Then, you may be looking for a cleaning tool to maintain all cleaning chores of your home without your supervision.

Clearing home from all dirt and dust is a quite challenging task. Moreover, this task also demands most of your time and efforts in two cases.

Firstly, If you’re having kids that usually love to spread all their belongings over the floor. Secondly, if you’re having your pets and struggle every time to collect all their hairs from your carpet.

Moreover, a larger area of your apartment could also act as a barrier in your cleaning mission. But, here’s a piece of great news for you.

If you’re deciding to get a robotic vacuum. Then, our review about Shark Ion Robot vacuum R75 is going to highlight all magnificent features along with flaws that you need to know before buying.

Now, a messy home is not a problem for a Shark Ion Robot vacuum R75. So, if you’re thinking of owning a robotic vacuum. Then, you can go through this trustworthy review to get an idea about the performance of the Shark Ion Robot vacuum R75.

Productive features and specs of Shark Ion Robot vacuum R75

Willing to know about productive features of this robotic vacuum and its powerful performance. Then, here’s an overview of the all potential abilities of Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R75.

Here are all the features of the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R75. So, you can decide according to your personal preferences.

Shark offers a Tri-brush system

Shark offers a tri-brush system that has three brushes. There are two side brushes that have very tensile bristles and one multi-surface brush roll that gathers all debris.

Moreover, the suction power of robot vacuum R75 is quite greater that helps out to pick up every dust particle.

So, you can depend upon your robotic vacuum and enjoy some perfect moments with your family without worrying about home cleaning.

Most importantly, if you have pets. Then, it will help out all pet owners by collecting pet hairs within no time.

Slim design

Robotic cleaners are designed to clean every inch of hidden areas. The slim design of shark ion robot vacuum R75 has access to all under furniture surfaces. So, you can always breathe in a comfortable and mess-free area.

Meanwhile, it can clean out multi surfaces from your carpet to hardwood floors or tiles. So, you can use it for multiple surfaces without any hesitation.

This ergonomic design is available in a light grey color along with black touch. However, its upper surface has three functional buttons.

The main central button is Clean that is accessible after a single press. Moreover, it also has two side buttons dock and max.

Furthermore, it also contains a 14oz bin and HEPA filters that you need to clean up on a daily basis for long-lasting services.

Smartphone integration

If you want to completely free yourself from home cleaning chores. Then, the Shark ion robot vacuum works smartly without depending on any other.

Do you know about its most impressive feature? It’s a shark clean app that provides you with complete control within your smartphone.

Now, control your cleaner from anywhere through an accessible app. This feature provides the owner with full freedom as compared to remote controller vacuums.

Most importantly, you can also use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for effective control from far places. You can also update your cleaning schedule through voice commands from anywhere.

So, if you’re in search of a magical device that doesn’t require your continuous supervision and works honestly. Then, Shark Ion Robot vacuum R75 is here to provide you a luxury feel at an affordable price.

The auto sense navigation system

The auto-sense navigation system of shark ion robot vacuum R75 has multiple built-in sensors to provide proper navigation.

If you have a complex home layout or a bigger apartment. Then, this vacuum will perform its duty by navigating every corner of your home.

Most importantly, this Robovac detects all obstacles and moves forward within no time. Its proximity sensor protects it from differential accidental hits. Moreover, it also utilizes cliff sensing technology that prevents it from falling down.

So, if you’re living in a double-story. Then, this robotic vacuum will be a suitable option for you.

Provides ideal runtime

If you’re having a home with a larger area and multiple rooms. Then, you must be seeking a functional machine that could cover all areas of your house with maximum runtime.

Surprisingly, Shark offers more than 90 minutes of runtime for all users. So, it will be quite easy for you to clean up all debris from your home with a fully recharged battery.

Self-charging ability

This robotic vacuum can recharge itself without demanding your attention. Because it knows how to work effectively.

In case of low charging, Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R75 will move to its charging station and after complete charging will move back towards its working area.

Robot vacuum maintenance

Its maintenance is quite easy. So, you just need to invest a few minutes to clear up all debris from its dustbin. Moreover, cleaning its brushes seems like a breeze.

But, if you’re following a regular maintenance schedule after every use. Then, you will enjoy its exceptional services for multiple years.

What you will get?

This robotic vacuum comes up with two side brushes with one main brush along with one filter, a lithium-ion battery, and also a charging dock.

Technical details

  • Controller type of robot vacuum is Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • The battery type is a lithium-ion battery
  • Utilizes auto-sense navigation technology
  • Contains HEPA filter
  • Provides connectivity to Shark clean app for complete control
  • Offers corner side brushing and cleaning up edges
  • The product dimensions are 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 inches
  • Its weight is 5.71 pounds
  • The ASIN of the product is B075JRB2Z9
  • The item model number is RV750
  • Require only one lithium-ion battery


  • Works perfectly by using the tri-brush system effectively
  • Have multiple sensors to avoid accidental damages
  • Works quietly rather than other loud robotic vacuums
  • Offers ideal navigation system
  • Have HEPA filters that are quite easy to clean
  • Provides access to all options through its functional app
  • Offers up to 90 minutes of run time
  • Always alert through text or audio when it got stuck up
  • Available at an affordable price


  • Sensors are extremely sensitive that doesn’t even get close to walls for cleaning purpose
  • Wifi disconnectivity creates issues
  • Shipping price for a few countries is a bit higher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a shark Ion robot vacuum r75 learn your home?

The answer is No. Because it utilizes a billiard ball navigation method that allows movement in a straight line.

Mostly, it moves in a random fashion until it hits something and changes its direction. But, its navigating ability is quite strong and clears out all debris from everywhere.

Can I use a Shark Ion robot vacuum without wifi?

Yes, you can use a shark ion robot vacuum without Wifi. If you have no access to Wifi to utilize Alexa and Google Assistant. Then, you can use it manually.

Because it has three main buttons on its top. These buttons include the main central button i.e Clean and the other two side buttons dock and max.

Why does my shark ion robot vacuum start beeping?

This robotic vacuum usually beeps just in two cases. Firstly, it will beep when it gets stuck anywhere and alerts you through text or beeping.

Secondly, it will beep when something is stuck up within its brushes or wheels. So, it informs through beeping to change brushes or clean up.

Can a shark ion robot vacuum dock itself?

A shark ion robot could dock itself in the case of running out of battery. So in that case, it will move towards its charging station to charge itself completely.

What is the runtime of shark ion robot vacuum r75?

The runtime of Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r75 is more than 90 minutes. So, it could easily clean up multiple rooms with the help of single recharge.

Why am I facing issues while connecting my shark robot vacuum to wifi?

Firstly, you should read all instructions from the manual carefully. Then, check out your wifi password and type the password correctly. Notice that shark robot vacuums could only connect to 2.4GHz networks.

Final words

The powerful performance of Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r75 will perfectly clean up all surfaces of your home. Moreover, this robotic vacuum is also capable of detecting all obstacles coming in its way. Its drop sensing technology protects it from accidental damages.

So, you just have to utilize your spare time by doing your favorite activities rather than investing in home cleaning. But, it also requires some modifications.

Hopefully, this review was a helping source for all those who are searching for useful products within an affordable budget

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