Shark IQ Robot vs Roomba | before buy, you must have to know

When we talk about the Shark IQ robot Vs Roomba we can say they have similarities and differences as well. Here we discuss all aspects.

Shark and Roomba are strikingly similar. However, we must still take note of some slight differences. Perhaps the first difference is that the Shark IQ robot has a far more oval form and tends to be much smaller.

Generally speaking, Roomba dominates in details of functionality; however, you simply cannot match the Shark IQ value. As the Shark IQ itself is packed with lots of options and strong suction, it could be your safest choice. The situations in where you can also choose Roomba are if it refers to memorizing greater than 1 outline or exploring the enormous ability of the container.

Almost all robot vacuums can auto-charge and restart. Shark IQ Robot vs Rooba, both have routing, Wi-Fi and interact with some other artificial intelligence. When you’re in the cleaning robot industry, you’ll be surprised and pleased by every model. The last quote is attributed to both you and will concentrate on your current market, the options you require, and your personal choices.


Roomba, a firm that focuses on advanced cleaning technologies, makes Roomba robots. Their devices feature dry vacuuming robots labeled Roombas and under the label “Braava” robot mops. Roomba is known for creating a number of robot vacuum developments, such as the self-emptying function, which is now prominent (almost vital).

By the most basic to premium, luxurious ones, Roomba robots are dispersed throughout all levels. The Roomba is possibly the market’s most successful iRobot robot vacuum. The exact frame, which permits to empty its very own dust bin into the core, seems to be the most prominent feature.

Its features innovative online routing, excellent routing, and digital zoning for keeping out, organizing, impressive suction, and much more. It’s undoubtedly the most advanced and high vacuum device we have evaluated to this date.

Mapping and effective information will entail:

  • Webcam on-board
  • Control system of the smoother texture
  • Online cartography
  • Quick Tracking Imprint
  • Connect Imprint

Shark IQ:

The Shark IQ is perhaps the most innovative vacuum robot developed by Shark. It contains a clean platform that lets the IQ empty its very own rubbish bin, just like the Roomba. Once per month or more, you’ll want to empty the rubbish bin.

The Shark monitors your residence virtually, could be controlled via your mobile, and has a “Room Select” feature that allows you to the cleaner a specific room. It might not have the high-end Roomba’s raw suction ability, even though it was a reasonably good cleaning in our trials.

For decades, the Shark has always been on the shelf. Whose vacuum cleaner range comprises upright, stick, canister, handheld, and robot models and is extensive. Just with a few cans, handheld devices, and robots, the firm mostly focuses on traditional cabled slats and cordless sticks.

Two main robot rows (Shark ION and Shark IQ) are officially sold by Shark, scattered throughout the budget, mid-tier, and rising types. On wooden floors, the Shark IQ succeeded. However, they really suffered from large carpet particles. Specifically, cereal tended to plug up the rubbish bin that made it hard to clean itself instantly.

Besides that, the routing also seems to focus a little more on the wall directly ahead and won’t cross too much into the middle of a room, with Shark, navigation and mapping technology include.

  • Camera on-board
  • Navigation of the straighter line
  • Digital cartography
  • Pick Room
VacuumShark IQRoomba
Boundary       Physical strip     Digital map wall
Wifi Enabled             Yes             Yes
Run time        Not known     75 to 80 mins
Self-empty bin             Yes              Yes
Dimensions       12.6 by 3.5     12.25 by 3.5

Shark vs Roomba Robot:


  • All Shark and iRobot appear remarkably alike to them, both black in color and round in form. However, we must always note a few minor variations. The very first distinction is that the Shark IQ robot has a much more circular shape and appears to be significantly smaller. For such a cause, it’s much less probable that the vacuums of the Shark robot will get jammed.
  • The Roomba also has a rounded shape, but it does have a straight tail, which often helps to get stuck between the items. Besides that, there will be no more variations. They all fit perfectly so that they can accommodate under desks and bar stools. The devices of Shark are much less likely to have problems. They’re significantly lower only to go below the bed, too.

Shark IQ robot vs Roomba, Roombas are even more significant than shark robots, with an average of two pounds.

Suction Power:

  • The Shark IQ robots appear particularly reliable whenever it comes to a lot of air flow they give. The IQ robot Shark produces over 20 CFMs. Going to look at the sweeping power of two companies, the robots of Shark outclass Roombas for their efficient and powerful suction hose amongst all versions
  • The energy may differ from product to product, and it focuses upon what vacuum device you determine to use. On comparison, Roomba’s expenditure may not have the strongest vacuum capacity. The heavy Roombas provides including an unprecedented vacuum capacity for any robot vacuum cleaner. The thing is that it’s going to be really costly.

Run Time:

  • Shark robots don’t go so smoothly if it gets down to running time. On ordinary, the Shark robots would last 1 hour until they require charging. The Roomba operating period is 30 minutes greater unless they need charging. Roomba robots typically operate on a full charge for long durations than Shark versions.
  • Roomba robots are fitted with dust to identify work, versus Shark versions, and each period there is even more dust to sweep up the power upgrade. Runtime thus falls significantly when having to clean up large environments. Robotic systems from either company must recharge. When the charging time decreases to low stages, fortunately, only expensive versions restart sweeping from where they would have stopped.

Dust Bin:

  • The Shark feature is, it has a container, and you don’t need to substitute something. They are somewhat equivalent in appearance to the garbage bin.
  • Roomba appears to be significantly heavier as they’re the larger unit. Both Roomba and Shark Robots possess big waste bins. The Roomba self-cleaning mechanism consists of debris storage bins which indicates additional maintenance charges for the device.


The sound intensity might be a key aspect if it needs to come to choosing a robot vacuum, particularly when you’re thinking about running it if you’re trying to sleep or going to work.

  • Sharks are certainly on the noisy side as opposed to Roombas. Shark IQ best fits narrow apartment buildings, like offices, because you want a soft cleaning unit.
  • Roombas are excellent if you get a shy puppy and don’t want to scare him with a noisy vacuum gadget.


  • Shark IQ also has a couple of separate ways to change the room. With the source of technological and detectors, edges and walls can be identified so that the staircase does not collapse. A positive sign, also, although most modern machines certainly won’t survive the crash. Well. Yeah. And also has an ultrasonic system that enables each chart to be generated at the moment. This is great for small houses and one house where you can only people sought floor plan. Along with this mapping technology (which you can use on the smartphone app), the Shark IQ can also plan an efficient cleaning cycle such that you will not have to track back or waste precious time
  • The Roomba contains indicators that can track steps, so they don’t collapse. It even has detectors that will continuously scan for items to prevent bouncing against them. It also allows such detectors to monitor your house. The Imprint Smart Navigation helps you to identify over one route, which would be perfect for large houses with even more inside one ground. The Roomba is 13.3 inches in length and 3.62 inches wide, allowing it a fairly big robot machine. After all, these properties allow for much more bucket space and much more storage for several functions.  The digital barrier with dual-mode allows you to block access points instead of using a diagram, if necessary. This removes the distracting, unpleasant adhesive tapes around your ground. Sadly, you also need to purchase the digital barrier independently.


  • Shark supplies the devices with HEPA filters, which is great when you’re an allergy sufferer. They say the 99.97 percent of bacteria would avoid their cleaners. You also don’t say that with the Roomba categories until you move to the top selection.
  •  The Roomba standard is still using the AeroVac system. Once you’re at the more fantastic ranging Roomba versions, they even have HEPA detectors; however, these attach a substantial amount of expenditure. Shark robots, therefore, are better to be used, independently of if they are affordable or cheap. Only the luxurious Roombas is also as great as the Sharks in this segment.

Side Brush:

  • The devices of Shark are fitted by a dual side brush. Two brushes are more substantial than just one and indicate that more dust is brushed in the direction of the vacuum direction.
  • Roombas have only one. The brushes are intended to remove the soil concealed insides and corners, which ensures that a specific angle brush would be useful at an absolute particular time. But some. how, two brushes are more substantial than just one and indicate that more dust is brushed in the direction of the vacuum direction.

Battle between Shark IQ robot vs Roomba diverts in the direction of shark because of having two brushes.

Collecting Dirt:

  • The Shark IQ does have a trash bin that moves away simply because when it loads up during a heavy sweeping output, it returns to the Shark cleaner core to clear. The architecture of the Shark machine trash bin avoids contaminants from spreading as it operates. It is also connected to a more incredible sensor. The bottom configuration of the floor machine is quite simple to detach because although you will not have to remove it directly again from a machine, it’s convenient to do so if you need to. The dock of the robot Shark has a canister with such a filling slot, so although it could handle 30 dust vacuum activities, you could also see whenever it’s able to be drained. Now, rather than unloading the rotating hoover after the last workout session, you may clear the Shark container for roughly 30 minutes. The knob on the Shark robot vacuum foundation helps you to raise the container and instead extend it to the base of the wall to empty it. You can also hold microorganisms removed by cleaning the pre-and comment cleaners.
  • The Roomba is emptying from either end. It’s just a waste bin. However, by removing the upper part of the Roomba cleaner, you must reach the trash bin on the machine if you need it. This improves the dustbin’s strength. Also, it is possible with such a more fabulous cleaner. When the Reactive oxygen species recycling bin is complete on deck, it returns to the port and, as it stores, the deployment system extracts the components of the trash bin from the pre packed cartridge. This Roomba robot vacuum container will carry approximately 30 days’ supply of particles and mildew so that you can stop to assume over unloading the wastebasket any moment the device the building. Whenever it’s time to clean the container, open the top, take away the container, remove it, and adding a new container, and enjoy the excellent cleaning service. Mostly, in fact, the carrier bags try to keep the Roomba model container significantly better, too, so you will not have to waste hours cleaning the container out every day to keep it clean from toxins and some other pollutants.

Battery Life:

  • The Shark IQ is fitted with a Li-ion rechargeable battery took 1 hour since it has to come back to the port. This is not as quick as most other machines, so it’s going to go back to the port to charge anyway when requires. Regrettably, it takes approximately six hours for the battery to recharge. You can also allow recharging and reloading, so after it’s finished, keep sweeping where it would be dropped off. You will have to struggle for it, but at best, it’s not going to stop at you.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners often offer an incredible battery power. It can operate for 1 hour, and that only requires 120 minutes to recharge completely. The loading threshold is pushed up to avoid the device from being stranded, but once it’s finished processing, it’s going back out to start cleaning again where it’s gone.


Trying to regulate the vacuum of your robot may even become the showcase of your practice. It seems, through Wi-Fi, mobile applications, and connectivity with some other digital domestic gadgets, you’ll get a broad range of opportunities for proper mode, scheduling, clean-up cycle tracking, and vacuum software.

  • The Shark IQ attaches a number of directions to the mobile app. You may plan sweeping workouts or instruct the carpet robot where and how to sweep. You may also define target places how you intend to sweep your device while holding it away from those if you don’t like it.
  • The Roomba does have Wi-Fi so that you can install the mobile application and attach it to the home automation helpers. With software, you may monitor the airflow, establish standard operating procedures, display an output log, instruct your cleaner to sweep a place or prevent access from an online map.You may instruct someone what to do by attaching your Roomba to Google Home or Amazon Alexa. They can sync up sweeping and call your areas, and afterward tell them to sweep the place by speaking. Among Shark IQ robot vs Rooma, Roomba settings are incredibly similar to many on the Shark IQ, and that either choice is perfect if you’re aiming for this kind of flexibility and efficiency of sweeping.

Brushes and Power:

  • It’s already a challenge to maintain someplace clean, and it’s even pretty hard with animals. Luckily, the Shark IQ will overcome this all. It’s not going to get mixed with such a pretty self-small brush rolling. Every single time the brush moves, it eases and removes the hair, mostly from razors and prongs. Side brushes are often used to sweep the sharp edges. They have very wear resistance hairs to cope with all kinds of soot.  And as well as, with such a healthy airflow in which you can use multiple times, you’re not going to have to stress about such a pretty muddy ground.
  • The Roomba has 2 major brush plates and just a single side brush. The two major brush rolls are made of durable latex so that they will adjust to your carpet and increase the degree of cleanliness. There is often a ground panel on the center of the device that goes up and starts falling mostly on the basis of if it is mopping a flooring or bare ground so which it could even get near to an operation. This same side scrapper is a five-blade cleaner that can collect trash mostly from ridges, whereas the compressor changes immediately when required to deal with the trouble. Users will often significantly raise or reduce airflow sequentially if required.

Price Range:

When you’re under a spending plan, perhaps one of your primary considerations is possibly the pricing. If you browse at Roombas micro-level relative to Sharks, there’s not a lot of variation in prices.

  • The Shark Robot vacuums are much excellent; the model provides additional strength and HEPA cleaners, and that’s extra what the Roomba provides. If you approach the highest levels of both models, the Shark vacuum cleaner is cheaper, and it doesn’t do anything better than becoming a peer.
  • The greater scope of Roombas is the right choice on the business they deliver smart, probably long regular cleaning and expensive than Shark.

Final Thoughts:

Shark IQ Robot vs Roomba, both have same functions with outstanding dust rolling capability. Still, Roomba boasts a comprehensive cover that modifies the size of the surface and also an automated vacuum raise as required.

Fortunately, because of its consistency of the producing process, you’re not going inaccurate by either option, and the Shark IQ will certainly never let you be disappointed when you’re searching at even a lesser cost. The filling slot and the vacuum container make it very easy to clear.

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