Can Roomba clean multiple rooms?

How could someone clean an entire house and never feel tired? Yes, it’s Roomba that eases our house chores. But can Roomba clean multiple rooms? And the answer is simply yes without a doubt.

While living in the era of labor-saving, who is going to spend a whole day cleaning a house? Of course, nobody wants to. Everyone is busy meeting deadlines. But our houses need us too. So, we can adopt Roombas and forget to clean. Because Roombas are autonomous devices with updated technology to ease our household chores.

Meanwhile, Roombas are robotic vacuum cleaners. But they have many exceptional features that gained a lot of human attention. Roombas are robotic vacuums that can clean every type of floor without a single spot.

These robotic vacuums have built-in navigation sensors that work perfectly. Maybe you’re searching for a perfect domestic gadget to help you during work. But you’re confused about Roomba.

There are certain queries that everybody needs to know. Can Roomba clean multiple rooms? The answer is yes. There are a lot of people who need to know that Can you use Roomba in multiple rooms? However, there are many queries that every domestic user raises about its working. Here, we have an insight into all questions that need an answer. Let’s talk about it.

How does Roomba work?

Let’s welcome robots in our homes. These robots are turning into our best companions. As robotic vacuums work perfectly to clean houses without utilizing human efforts. However,  Roomba works by using algorithms to clean the room through a crop circle pattern.

If you don’t like to do house chores but want a clean house then Roomba is the best option. It also includes multiple sensors. These sensors help out during the whole process of cleaning. Roombas have three sensor systems to avoid falling off. It’s perfectly designed navigation ability is the answer to Can a robot vacuum clean multiple rooms?

However, it comes up with a virtual wall. This wall pours out an infrared beam that stops the vacuum to enter a specific region. Also, many new models of Roomba have aero force extractors that seem like vacuum rotors having no bristles.

Most importantly Roombas have rechargeable batteries. But you don’t need to charge it. Because Roombas are responsible for doing it by themselves. Let’s discuss frequently asked questions about the performance of Roombas.

Can Roomba clean multiple rooms?

Living in a house with kids and pets, you need a lot of effort to clean your living space. But when you own Roomba you will be free from this tension. Specifically, a question usually pops up in mind regarding Roomba: Can Roomba clean multiple rooms?

Of course, every house needs to clean all rooms with a single gadget. Nobody would want to buy a separate vacuum cleaner for every room. And this will be extremely expensive if buying separately for each.

Can a robot vacuum clean multiple rooms? Yes here’s a piece of great news. Roombas are capable of doing it. Moreover, the design of Roombas has multiple sensors to map out the whole area of the house. Due to an absolute navigation system, Roombas can move from room to room by themselves. You need not move it by yourself from room to room.

As Roombas work in a straight line until they hit any obstacle. Once Roombas map the whole area of the house in their memory then your work is over. And Roombas work is started over to clean multiple rooms.

You just have to choose a proper cleaning pattern according to your house design. Wherever you don’t want to clean a specific room. Just shut the door.

Specifically here’s a notable thing that there are many models of Roomba. Usually, all new models are capable of cleaning multiple rooms. However, while using old models you need to pay a little attention.

Certain models are specific designs with more powerful performance to clean multiple rooms. Here they’re Roomba i7+, Roomba i7, Roomba 960, Roomba 980.

Moreover, people also want to know about its cleaning timing. It depends upon the area of your rooms. Also, it depends upon the level of dust and the type of floor within the room. It activates smart dirt detecting technology in case of an increased level of dust.

Can you use Roomba in multiple rooms?

Roomba is completely capable of cleaning multiple rooms. This is because of its specific design. As everyone is in search of a time-saving gadget that can work perfectly. Roomba are offering this perfection through multiple features.

Can you use Roomba in multiple rooms? A big yes!. Every house has multiple rooms and every room needs to be free of dust. As everyone used to eat, drink, play with kids, party, and do many other things. That results in messy living spaces. Although pet owners also face too many issues. So, it’s going to help pet owners too.

This is possible by using Roomba. Roomba is well aware of its function. It just needs to map out the whole area of the house. All the sensors working in it help out to clean.

Robotic vacuums have replaced ordinary cleaners. Because all new Roomba models have beacon house lights as sensors. These sensors help out to approach a room that needs to be cleaned.

Many models come up with virtual wall barriers. These barriers can stop Roomba from moving out of the room until it’s completely clean.

Furthermore, all the new versions of Roomba have come up with more specific features. They are built-in with VSLAM ( Vision Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) that helps out to map cleaning areas. As they have infrared cameras to take pictures of the cleaning area.

You can easily use Roomba in multiple rooms but the fact is its battery. If the battery is not fully charged, it can clean a single room in one session. Meanwhile, many newer versions have two hours of battery timing.

But in older versions, it’s about 90 minutes or more commonly 75 minutes only. So, if its battery isn’t fully charged and you need to clean the whole house. Then stop here. Let it charge itself completely.

How many rooms can a Roomba clean?

Do many people usually want to know the answer to this question: How many rooms can a Roomba clean?  But there are multiple factors to consider:

  • Size of room: Firstly the size of the room matters a lot. If it’s greater in the area then it will ultimately need more time to clean a room.
  • Floor-type: The type of floor also matters a lot. Because if it’s working on a rug or on a cluttered floor then any loose tassel or cable will stop its normal functioning.
  • Several hurdles: If you have a habit of dropping everything on the floor including important papers, wires, toys, and many others. Then you first need to prepare your room for Roomba.
  • The battery of cleaner: Battery timing matters a lot. A newly working battery could work for two hours. But in older versions battery timing could be one hour and 15 minutes.
  • Dirt-level of room: The cleaning time depends upon the dirt-level of the room. If it needs more cleaning then Roomba will activate Dirt detection technology.

However, all the above-mentioned factors will decide how many rooms Roomba can clean in one session.

Can a robot vacuum clean multiple rooms?

The answer to this question is definitely yes! Because robot vacuums have the ideal navigation systems. Once they map out the whole cleaning area then you don’t need to worry. You just have to provide a proper pattern for cleaning.

As robot vacuums have replaced ordinary vacuums due to multiple features. All robot vacuums are capable of cleaning multiple rooms. Their automated nature is so helpful for people with various physical abnormalities.

As robot vacuums work so smartly until complete cleaning. That’s why robotic vacuums are preferred over ordinary vacuums. But you just need to clean up the floor from all wires and other essentials. Because robot vacuums usually eat up everything that came in their way.


Can Roomba clean multiple rooms? Hopefully, your all queries are well answered. The basic function of Roomba is to provide comfort. Whenever you want to clean rooms Roomba is your ideal cleaner.

Because robotic vacuums have multiple sensors. These sensors help to navigate the whole area of the house. Every model of Roomba shares the same features but every new version comes up with better features with time.

Meanwhile, if you’re not amazed by the idea of cleaning home in your spare time. Then this robotic vacuums for you. But there are certain drawbacks that every product owns along with ideal features. It will perfectly clean the house according to schedule.

However, if you’re having pets then it would work differently. Because pet hairs may penetrate its bristles. Moreover, daily dustbin emptying is necessary for its maintenance. Also, if you have too much stuff on your floor then skip it. Because you may need more time to clear the floor from all stuff to operate Roomba.

Although, its navigation system detects everything perfectly in its way. Also, the smart dirt detection technology cleans the room till the last particle.

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