How to make Roomba an inch taller?

Roombas are great for cleaning your floors and carpets without you having to lift a finger. However, one of the biggest complaints about them is that they get stuck under furniture. And that’s because they’re low-profile and can’t squeeze in underneath couches, beds, or other furniture that sits on the floor. Frankly speaking, the Roomba height adjustment is comically small.

It is clean and efficient, but it stays out of the room. So, from time to time, you have to bend to pick it up, and that impacts your back! What if there is a way to resolve this issue? What if you could modify your Roomba by Roomba height adjustment? Well, in this article I intend to introduce you to several ways to do so with ease.

Well, to do so all you need is an inch. That’s right, simply elevate your Roomba by one inch and it can easily fit underneath furniture.

How to make Roomba an inch taller?

It’s easy to solve the statement How to make Roomba an inch taller? by following these steps:

– Measure from the floor to the bottom of your Roomba.

– Buy pieces of PVC pipe that are a little longer than what you measured.

– Cut the pipes into equal lengths.

– Glue the pipes onto the bottom of your Roomba using PVC adhesive.

How to raise furniture for Roomba

Here you come up with the question of how to raise furniture for Roomba?

You can also use furniture risers to create a safe zone in your home. For example, if there is an area in your living room where you keep a lot of fragile items, put them inside of a circle made up of furniture risers so that there is no way for the Roomba to access them.

Roomba Height clearance

For Roomba height adjustment each Roomba has two bumper sensors located at the top and bottom. The Roomba 800 series and 9xx series have Roomba height adjustment meaning they can go underneath couches, chairs, and beds. The Roomba 600 series cannot adjust their height but are just as good at cleaning.

Don’t worry, it’s very easy to adjust your robot vacuum’s height. You don’t have to go through manuals to find the right height level setting. Here are some tips you might find helpful to make adjustments on your Roomba easily.

  • Roomba robot vacuums automatically adjust to different floor surfaces.
  • However, the Roomba Height clearance robot vacuums are limited.
  • The maximum Roomba Height clearance can pass through is 0.65 inches (1.65 centimeters).
  • If possible, you should remove all objects that are higher than 0.65 inches (1.65 centimeters) off the ground.

Roomba unicorn bumper extender

One of the most important things about the Roomba unicorn bumper extender is to maintain the Roomba. The maintenance of the device is essential for your vacuum to work efficiently and clean faster.

This helps to avoid frequent replacement of parts in case something goes wrong, and also to keep cleaning your floors without damaging them, you can repair it with the help of a Roomba unicorn bumper extender.

Roomba unicorn bumper extender can easily navigate around furniture with its sensors and gets in hard-to-reach places like under couches and beds. It can even detect stairs so it doesn’t fall.

Roomba bumper replacement

Roomba bumpers are a part of an “intelligent” obstacle avoidance system that is designed to prevent Roomba from getting stuck on walls, furniture, and other obstacles that it encounters during its cleaning cycles.

If you’ve noticed that this system doesn’t function properly anymore, more often than not it means that one or both of your bumpers are damaged and need Roomba bumper replacement.

Here are the steps of Roomba bumper replacement:

  1. Remove the screws that hold the top and bottom case together.
  2. Unplug the old bumper from the cable port.
  3. Remove damaged bumper.
  4. Plug in a new bumper into the cable port.
  5. Screw back the back and top case together.

Roomba bumper stuck

The problem: The Roomba bumper stuck.

If your Roomba is driving into objects and not backing up or turning, the bumper on the front of the robot may be stuck.

To resolve this issue if the Roomba bumper is stuck, please follow these steps:

1. Remove the bumper from the robot and inspect it to ensure it is not damaged or jammed in any way.

2. Using a screwdriver, gently lift and rotate the bumper tab of each wheel until you hear a click. Do not force or push down on the tab.

3. Place bumper back onto robot and test again.

What is an eufy bumper extender?

Eufy Bumper Extenders are an easy way to add a layer of protection to your beloved eufy RoboVac. The soft rubber bumpers on these extenders will help protect your RoboVac from damage from bumping into objects around the house. It also provides a more streamlined look for your RoboVac.

How to install an eufy bumper extender?

Simply remove the protective tape on the adhesive strip and slide the extender onto the top of your RoboVac.

deebot bumper extender

Deebot bumper extender installs onto the front of your Deebot in place of the original bumper. It can be installed in seconds without any special tools and no permanent modifications are required.

Deebot bumper extender is made from a high-impact, durable ABS plastic and is available in white or black. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The Deebot bumper extender helps prevent damage to furniture and walls when the DEEBOT is cleaned.


The best way How to make Roomba an inch taller? Is to use a few materials and follow this step by step guide:

1.) Take a tape measure or ruler and measure how tall your current Roomba is off the ground.

2.) Buy some PVC pipe at Home Depot or your local hardware store (make sure it has an outside diameter that is at least an inch wider than the diameter of your Roomba)

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