Shark Robot Vacuum Side Brush Not Spinning

Shark cleaners are well-known for their versatility and ease of use. One of the great features of these robots is the easy manipulation that allows you to get the most out of them. However, there may be some cases when handling the device requires special attention or even replacing certain components. Here I would like to discuss a few ways that you can do to get the best out of your cleaner and also some reasons why your shark robot vacuum side brush not spinning properly.

Reasons of Shark Robot vacuum side brush not spinning 

Shark Robot vacuum cleaner side brushes should be spinning in order to pick up dirt from the floor. If your Shark side brush is stuck and is not spinning, you should check the reasons for this and follow my tips of replacement. I will tell you about the reasons of shark IQ robot vacuum problems for this process and how to solve this issue with the Shark robot vacuum side brush not spinning.

Motor issue

The Shark Robot vacuum side brush not spinning due to motor issues. The motor may be weak enough and not supply enough force to spin the brushes or may it not charge enough.

To fix this issue you should first check if the batteries are charged. If the batteries are charged, you should replace the battery with a new one. If that does not solve the problem, you should replace the side brush motor.

The side brush motor is located at the bottom of the unit. However, you need to remove some components to access it. So if the Shark vacuum side brush not spinning due to the shark ion robot brush motor then this will solve the problem.

Dirty brushes

The Shark Robot vacuum side brush not spinning due to dirty brushed. Some hair and other debris are stuck into the brush causing a jam while cleaning. So you should clean the brushes to solve the issue. So, how to remove side brushes on shark robots? Follow the steps mentioned below

  • Remove the battery and power off the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove all screws from the bottom of the shark robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Gently lift up the top cover of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Hold the side brush firmly and pull out it from the side brush motor shaft.
  • Check if there is something stuck in it, if yes remove them gently with your hand or use tweezers when necessary.
  • Clean the side brush with water and blow dry them with an air compressor. Make sure they are dry before installing back.

Damaged connectors

If your Shark Robot vacuum side brush is not spinning due to bad connectors, you should check the parts of the mainboard and clean the connectors. If the connectors are broken, they need to be replaced.

Power connection

The Shark Robot vacuum side brush is not spinning due to the power connection. The power connection may be broken from the connectors. The wire that supplies the power may be broken or disconnected so it may need to be fixed.

  • Before performing any repair, turn off the power and unplug the vacuum cleaner from the outlet. This will help you avoid injury or electrical shock.
  • Open up the Shark Robot vacuum cleaner by removing all of the screws from the bottom cover. This requires a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Inspect the side brush to make sure it is connected properly and installed correctly by comparing it with the other side brush assembly. Make sure that it is not broken and not missing any parts or screws.
  • Check for breaks in the wires that supply power to the side brush motor and replace them if necessary using a soldering iron and solder or by splicing them together with wire nuts if you are unable to solder them properly. 
  • Replace damaged wires with new ones of equal gauge size and length as they were before they were damaged or broken in order to prevent damage from occurring again in future use.

Shark robot vacuum side brush replacement

The Shark robot vacuum side brush replacement is required if the shark side brush is stuck. So, you should replace them with new brushes.

Moreover, you should replace your side brushes at least twice a year to keep your Shark Robot cleaning at its best and improve your home air quality.

You do not need any tools to replace your side brushes and the process is straightforward.

You can follow the steps mentioned above for shark robot vacuum brush replacement.

Roomba side brush not spinning after replacement 

Roomba’s side brush is the small circular brush at the left and right of the machine used to sweep dust and debris into the machine’s path so it can be picked up by the main brush. If this brush stops turning, check to make sure it is not clogged with debris. If there is no debris in its path, remove the side brush and test to see if it will spin freely when your Roomba is powered on.

If you replace the side brush and it still doesn’t spin, then you need to check the motor. The motor may be bad or the gear teeth may be stripped. If the gear teeth are stripped, it’s cheaper to just buy a new motor than try to fix it.

First, get an ohmmeter and measure the resistance between the three terminals of the motor. If there is not a short between any of them, then the motor is probably good.

If there is a short between two of them, then you have a bad motor.

The other possibility is that something is jammed in the side brush mechanism and preventing it from turning. Turn off your Roomba and remove the bin and battery. Then remove all four screws holding down the cover on top and lift off the cover. You can then check if anything is jammed in there.


So, I have listed the best possible reasons for the Shark Robot vacuum side brush not spinning along with the solutions. If you are still stuck in the situation then you should contact an expert and get your robot vacuum inspected.

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