best way to clean textured vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring with textures is a very popular form of flooring. But, do you know how to clean it? Fortunately, there is the best way to clean textured vinyl flooring which you will learn here.

Vinyl flooring is available for use on the floor in the bathroom and kitchen. You can find a great variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns in it. Cleaning a vinyl floor is fairly easy and simple. This is because its material is quite resistant to water and stains due to spillage of oil, ink, tea, etc. Also, vinyl is less prone to damages and scratches.  So, if you have it at home, you are probably very lucky.

Best Way to Clean Textured Vinyl Flooring

Even though the vinyl floor is easy to clean and resistant to stains, still it needs cleaning now and then. With daily and deep cleaning sessions, you can maintain the quality and original shine of vinyl floors. This is the right strategy and the best way to clean textured vinyl flooring. Here we will discuss the regular cleaning methods and deep cleaning process in detail.

daily/Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of vinyl floors is very important. If you adopt this habit religiously, then your floor will last longer than expected. Often, we ignore the value of daily cleaning that is eventually making a huge difference.

Here are some of the easiest possible cleaning methods that you can follow without feeling burdened with them. Let us start with each one in detail:

1. Use Household Solutions

If you are wondering what is the best thing to clean vinyl floors with, then a household solution is the answer. Vinyl floors can get dirty and have marks on them, still they don’t need expensive cleaners. You can make cleaning solutions by using things around your home. A few examples are as follows:

  • Vinegar: Mix an equal amount of vinegar and water to make the solution. You can decide the quantity depending on the area you need to clean. It is best for everyday washing.
  • Dish Soap: Try to add a small portion of dish soap into your regular cleaner. It will make it foamy and would be a great help in removing stubborn spots.
  • Baking Soda: You can take 2 portions of baking soda with 1 portion of water to make this household solution. If you accidentally spill wine or barriers on the vinyl floor, use this solution to get rid of the stains.
  • Jojoba Oil: If you want to make your vinyl floor shiny, simply add this oil to your regular cleaner.

2. Wipe Shoes on Doormat

Things that our shoes take into our homes contain substances that can prove to be detrimental for vinyl floors. They might contain chemicals that can turn vinyl tiles yellow, the gravels can scratch the floor, and much more.

Over time, your flooring will start to lose its original look and shine. So, it is a very important part of regular cleaning that you wipe shoes on the doormat. Try to place rugs at places that are under frequent use, such as the front space of the sink, etc.

Do you know what is even better than doing all of these efforts? Taking off your shoes outside the house.

3. Sweep Every Single Day

Daily seeping is extremely important because it removes all types of dirt and dust on the vinyl floor. If it stays there for a few days, it starts to stick and accumulate on the tiles as you walk on them. These materials have an abrasive action on the floor, thus destroying them as long as they stay there. So, you have to sweep everyday to avoid the build-up and deterioration of vinyl floor material.

This is one of the best ways to clean textured vinyl flooring. It involves the use ofa simple broom, mop, or vacuum for this purpose. These are some of the soft attachments that clean the floor without damaging it.

Try to clean every section, especially that is present under the cabinets, furniture, etc. Usually, people forget or ignore to clean these spaces, so never do that.

4. Clean Spills Immediately

You should clean whatever spills on your vinyl floor. Whether it is orange juice, berries, wine, or even a simple glass of water. Never let it dry on the floor tiles, and clean immediately. If you leave it there to dry, it will not only be heard to get rid of it. Also, it will damage the floor in the meantime. Cleaning right away will help you avoid stains, and damages on the floor. Moreover, you will have to do less work for cleaning.

5. Use Mild Solution Regularly

So, how do you whiten yellowed vinyl flooring? Well, you must be using some harsh commercial cleanser for this purpose. But guess what? We have a simple solution that involves the use of the mildest solution ever. It is vinegar plus water solution.

A mild solution of vinegar can help you keep the vinyl floor fresh and clean. Usually, the commercial cleansers are harsh, and experts say that you should not use them regularly. So, it’s better that you stay stick to the mildest cleanser in the form of vinegar and water solution. You can use a mop to spread and clean the floor.

The vinegar can remove all the dirt and dust without leaving any residues. Also, its smell is not harsh, so it fades away in a few minutes after cleaning is done. You can even add a few drops of some essential oil like jojoba oil to make the floor shiny and smooth.

6. Choose Right Cleanser Type

Do you think that vinegar is something you cannot clean the vinyl floors with? Well, for your satisfaction, you can use a cleanser that is particularly made for vinyl floor cleaning. However, you cannot go and just buy any cleanser that you see in the market. You have to be very careful about the type you are choosing.

For instance, the modern vinyl flooring is made without a layer of wax at the upper surface. So, you have to choose a cleanser that is made for non-wax floors. While, if the vinyl flooring at your home is old, so it will have a wax layer on it. So, you have to choose the one that is made exclusively for such floors so that the wax layer remains intact.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of viny floors includes 6 main steps. You can follow them to maintain the quality and original shine of tiles. These steps are as follows:

  1. It is not easy to remove the embedded dirt on the vinyl floor. You have to make a solution of apple cider vinegar, dish soap, and water. Now take a mop with nylon scrub bristles to brush the floor. This solution is even better than cleaning vinyl floors using a robotic vacuum.
  2. To remove the scuff marks, you can use essential oil or WD-40. It can easily rib away from the scuffs. However, in case of scratches, you need to change the tiles as they do not run away with anything.
  3. For stains, use baking soda. Take a pinch of it on a soft cloth and rub it on the floor. Its abrasive nature will remove any sort of stain from food or drinks.
  4. For ink or makeup stains, alcohol can prove to be a great solution. It will lift the stain without causing damage to the floor.
  5. After removing all stains, scratches, and scuffs, scrub the floor with nylon bristles of the mop. Make sure the bristles are not too stiff as they can damage the tiles very easily.
  6. Now, in the end, rinse the floor with water to get rid of all the residues. Do not leave any washing solution residues on the floor as they can build up and damage the tiles over time.

Don’t do for Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Here are a few things that you are not allowed to do if you have vinyl flooring at home. If you will ignore any of these, and keep the ill practices, then never expect the floor remains in its original form.

  • Never scrub too hard.
  • Do not rely on abrasive tools.
  • Avoid abrasive cleansers.
  • Avoid getting the floor wet too often.
  • Do not skip the use of felt tips under the chair and table legs.
  • Don’t let anything scratch or dent the floor.
  • Never forget to use rugs in busy areas.
  • Do not forget to wipe shoes on the doormat.
  • Never let the spills stay on the vinyl floor tiles.

Does a Robotic Vacuum Work on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

The robotic vacuum cleaner is an innovative invention that has changed the way many people clean their homes. A best robotic vacuum cleaner can navigate through a home on its own, prepping it for deep cleaning without having to be dragged around by someone vacuuming manually. For those wondering if a robotics vacuum will work on vinyl plank flooring, the answer is yes! definitely, a robotic vacuum for vinyl plank floor works perfectly. you just need to find out the best and perfect one.


Vinyl flooring is a very reliable, and durable flooring option. You can choose the best way to clean textured vinyl flooring from the above options based on suitability. You can even find an option that involves the cleaning of vinyl floors using a robotic vacuum. However, simpler solutions like the given above can also help you a lot. If your house is small with a limited area under vinyl floor tiles, then these methods can prove to be great for you. Just keep one thing in your mind that regular cleaning is crucial, and you should not skip it at any cost.


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